Who Is Working Online in PBL for grades 1-12?

The Problem-Based Learning Network, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

The PBL model : http://pbln.imsa.edu/model/template/

University of Delaware

http://www.udel.edu/pbl/ maintains a Web site with current PBL articles and books. Sample PBL
problems and “Groups in Action” videos bring PBL to life. The site links to the Pan-American Network
and other PBL conferences.

Cooperative Group Problem Solving in Physics


The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning (IJPBL), Purdue University

http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/ijpbl/ is a quarterly online periodical on both the theory and practice of
PBL. This scholarly journal engages researchers and practitioners in meaningful conversations about
PBL. Its goal is to publish relevant, interesting and challenging articles of research and analysis related
to all aspects of implementing PBL.

McMaster University, Canada

http://www.chemeng.mcmaster.ca/pbl/pbl.htm has been a world leader in the development and
use of problem-based learning. The link “Problem-based Learning, Especially in the Context of Large
Classes” offers suggestions for small-group, self-directed PBL. The site also recommends and
extensively reviews books to help both students and teachers.

Samford University, Alabama

http://www.samford.edu/ctls/pbl provides administrators, faculty, students and parents with
information on the components, implementation, assessment and documentation of PBL. There is a
guide to relevant workshops, conferences and materials and also links to other institutions that use
PBL in undergraduate and/or graduate programs.

The Center for Educational Development at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

http://myrp.sg/ced maintains a PBL Web site for students, facilitators, and developers of PBL. The
site contains research and links to PBL-related literature, general education sites, discipline-specific
Issues, and the Center’s newsletter . The site also links to CED staff papers presented at international
conferences and/or published in educational journals and books.

Central Queensland University, Australia

http://pbl.cqu.edu.au/index.html supports students, coaches and course developers of PBL. The
Web page includes an e-newsletter, an e-board for questions and discussions, and a separate FAQ
section. The online resources link includes PBL examples, literature and role-playing simulations.

Edutopia, The George Lucas Educational Foundation

http://www.edutopia.org/ is a multi-media resource for constructivist teachers that documents,
disseminates and supports exemplary public school K-12 programs.